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Friday, December 8, 2006

Aperture 1.5 hates FAT32

I've been suffering some pain and confusion with Aperture 1.5 hanging, and even loosing some master images. It turns out that Aperture does not support referenced images on FAT32 drives... aargh!

The reason I was using FAT32 on a external drive, was to make it easy to access images from Windows PC's and my MacBook. It turns out that this is VERY bad idea. Unfortunately Aperture doesn't WARN you about this, it just tries the used the disk, works for a while, and then dies a very inconvenient and seeming random death.

Several morals to the story:
1. From now on I am going to burn all RAW files to DVD before I load them into Aperture (or any other software).
2. I upgraded the drive on my MacBook to 160GB, so that I can store all my master files locally.

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