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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wireless photo upload for almost any digital camera

Holy crap is this cool!! Your photos automagically uploaded from your existing camera to your website as you take them!

Eye-Fi has created a 2gb SD memory card that also has WIFI built in for $99. The Eye-Fi card automagically uploads your photos to your PC and/or the photo website of your choice whenever it has a connection to a configured network (generally your home network).

I hope they come out with a CompactFlash version too (none of my cameras use SD).

The only obvious downside is that this will probably suck your camera battery dry quite a bit faster.

Sign me up!



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Steve said...


This does look like a totally cool gizmo. Regarding the Compact Flash issue, can't you just use an SD to Compact Flash adapter? Might this do the trick? http://www.amazon.com/Compact-Flash-Secure-Digital-Adapter/dp/B000165CBA